“Going in the Field” – Interviews, Observations and Workshops with End Users

During three weeks in October 2013 Alina Krischkowsky, a researcher from the ICT&S Center (University of Salzburg), visited the end user organizations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria to conduct interviews, observations and workshops on-site with older adults.

In order to gain a basic understanding how activities of daily living of our target group are organized, Alina went to CURAVIVA Verband Heime und Institutionen from Switzerland (14.10.13-18.10.13), Verein für Menschen mit Körperbehinderung Nürnberg e.V. from Germany (21.10.13-25.10.13) and to EURAG from Austria (28.10.13-31.10.13). Overall 14 interviews and observations with potential end users were conducted within their residential homes to investigate the target groups’ needs. The participants have been recruited by the end user organizations.

At the end of each week a workshop was organized consisting of all participants that took part in the interviews and observations within the respective week. The goal of these workshops was, to collaboratively reflect upon the gathered insights during the week and to discuss upon potential challenges and opportunities for the GeTVivid Project.

Within the three weeks, very valuable conversations and discussions together with our target group were held that have led to important insights concerning older adults necessities of daily living, how they organize their activities of daily living and their respective needs in terms of support from informal caregivers but also what kind of support they can provide to others.

Thanks to the end user organizations for the smooth organization on-site and special thanks go to all participants that were involved within the study.