Design Workshops with End Users

In June and July the three end user organisations carried out design workshops in order to evaluate our first design sketches. Therefore, the first video prototpye was used in order to illustrate the interaction between the TV and tablet, next to a klickable prototype for the tablet.

EURAG Austria carried out two design workshops : one in the countryside with 2 seniors and one in the EURAG office with 4 people. All in all people were interested in what the system could provide and how helpful it would be in later life –  even if the 2 seniors living in the countryside were worrying about a lack of availability of services in their region. But all of them really liked the easy way how to use the system on the tablet which was self-explaining for them. A few suggestions were made to improve the design and most participants  are very curious how the process of the development of the platform is going on and want to be furthermore included in the project.


CURAVIVA carried out two design workshops in care homes in Switzerland. In each care home always the same 5-6 persons participate in the workshops. So they were curious to see the progress of the platform. The video gave them a good overview over what is possible and how to handle the tablet. The participants are all over 80 years old and not really familiar with the use of tablets. But with a little help they could handle it and were very interested to click from page to page. They look forward to use the “real” platform and to place orders and offers.

VMKN also organized a workshop with 5 participants aged between 68 and 79 years. In principle the platform was noticed as very easy in handling. The user interface was simple and operated intuitively. But they missed an alert-button in case of abuse of the platform or if somebody is in distress. They required as well getting in contact with individual persons, like a messaging system. After that a lively discussion about data security and costs of the system sparked. There is a concern of abuse of the platform. The seniors are anxious to be spied out by a third party and they are worried about their personal safety. They desire an administrator who controls saves the platform and its users. The seniors also mentioned many doubts about the costs of the system. They asked about the financing of the platform. The seniors fear that they could not afford the system because of high costs and low income. But in principle the development of the platform is welcome and the seniors are very interested in the progress of the project.