TVX 2015 Bussels (Belgium)

From the 3rd until the 5th of June the TVX conference took place in Brussels, Belgium ( The AAL project GeTVivid was represented by Christiane Moser from the University of Salzburg (PLUS) and Fabian Schiller from the Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH (IRT). PLUS and IRT organized together with our interest group partner KU Leuven and people from YouTube, CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) and a Dutch Public Broadcaster a workshop on “People, Context, and Devices: Defining the New Landscape of TV Experiences”. The workshop was a great success and the outcomes are presented on the workshop homepage.


Christiane Moser additionally gave a second interactive demonstration of the GeTVivid platform (after the first one at the AAL Forum 2014). The project received a great response from the other conference participants being very interested in the idea itself and using the TV and tablet as medium to bring the platform to the target group.